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Write to Sell, by Andy MaslenAndy Maslen gets straight down to the stuff that matters to copywriters in this concise guide to writing words that sell.

The author, a successful marketer and copywriter with some 20-plus years in the industry, pitches the book at anyone that writes copy, whether they’re a newbie, a professional writer or a non-writer who has to write copy for their job.

Write to Sell¬†introduces the basics of good copywriting, beginning with knowing your audience and writing for them — not for yourself, your company or your client — and taking you through the whole process, from planning and structuring, through to writing and editing. There are tons of useful hints and tips, but none of the minutiae overshadows the big principles of writing copy that works. And if you follow those principles, you will learn to write copy that gets the results you want — words that sell products, change consumer behaviour and win over readers to your side.

Maslen makes sense. He cuts through the myths of copywriting and marketing, and his advice reflects not only the fundamentals of good copy, but the principles of good writing, period. For those who want more, there’s a lengthy but very handy list of recommended reading.

The book is both entertaining and immensely practical, ¬†written and designed in such a way that having whizzed through it once, you can dip into it time and again and find exactly what you’re looking for. Its usefulness proves the author practises what he preaches, and it makes copywriting, paradoxically, look incredibly simple — as long as you put in the hard work.

The book is available in paperback, but I read the Kindle edition. (Heads-up: I found a handful of formatting errors in my Kindle version.)

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George Anderson, March 24, 2012 Reply

Hi David,

I’ve just purchased the Kindle edition of this after reading your review. Off to read it right now…

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