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Today, on the day of Lady Thatcher’s funeral, former Daily Telegraph editor Charles Moore spoke to Radio 5 Live’s Nicky Campbell. His comments about “relatively less important” parts of the country caused some controversy.

Here’s a video of the entire interview, followed by a transcript of the relevant portion (4:44 onwards), for context:

There are certainly parts of the country that are more anti-her than others, but I think they tend to be the parts – and this extends my point about where the left might go – they tend to be parts that have become relatively less important. It doesn’t mean their feelings are not to be respected, but it does mean that if you think of how you’re trying to lead a political party in the twenty-first century, you have to find the places that are rising, where opportunity is spreading, and be able to speak to those people rather than simply speak to those who live in areas that are declining, where populations are falling. I think that’s important. You need to think about those left behind, but you shouldn’t merely be the party of those left behind, because if you are, you, too, will be left behind.


Bob Ballantyne, April 18, 2013 Reply

She told me, there’s no such thing as ‘Society’
‘Coz divide and conquer always was their chosen way
It just seems so wrong,
But now the Iron Lady is gone
Let’s just care for one another.
We’ve noticed the revisionists have been out in force recently over Mrs Thatcher’s most toxic and inhumane quotation…But, Charles Moore remains true…’coz he knows in Mrs T’s world allowing yourself to be poor still means…you suck!

Ian Stuart, April 20, 2013 Reply

At last ! A Tory who speaks his mind ! Tell it like it is, Charles. London is the centre of the world…and Kent perhaps. Anything north of Birmingham is “relatively unimportant”. So forget the North ( load of tossers in flat caps); forget the Jocks (can’t understand a word they say) and as for the Welsh….

Now we know what the Tory Party really thinks. Do you know…I might vote for Wallace and his attack dog after all…

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