david_L_rattigan_David L Rattigan is a freelance writer, editor, journalist, web guy and general artsy creative type based in the historic Lancashire town of Prescot, Merseyside.

His current projects include:

His writing has been published by The Guardian‘s Comment is free, The Double Negative, Wilfrid Laurier University Press (the 2009 book Leaving Fundamentalism, ed. G Elijah Dann) and Third Way magazine, among others. He has edited and contributed to Diabolique magazine and Exgaywatch.com.

Dave’s writing interests range from arts, music, film and culture to religion, politics and sexuality. Evangelical Christianity, British horror films and the vagaries of the so-called “ex-gay,” or “gay cure,” movement are all subjects he has covered in detail.

Dave sings tenor in Prescot Parish Church Choir (Church of St Mary the Blessed Virgin), of which he is also one of a team of leaders.