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Joint statement from Robert J.E. Simpson and David L Rattigan,
former editors of Diabolique magazine

Tuesday, 31 July 2012, UK

Following our sudden resignations on 24 July as editors of Diabolique magazine, we would like publicly to disassociate ourselves from Horror Unlimited, and specifically the partnership of Greg Petaloudis and Dima Ballin, publishers of Diabolique. We had no knowledge of their past business dealings, and if we had, we would not have become professionally involved with them.

We resigned with great regret, due to ongoing concerns over business practices, professional conduct, and tone and content of both internal and external communications; concerns which were regularly dismissed as quibbling over minutiae. Shortly after resigning, our fears regarding the integrity of the publishers were confirmed when we uncovered extensive evidence of Greg and Dima’s shared business history, which included a string of fake book and documentary projects, through which rare images and valuable stills were procured from horror fans and collectors under false pretences. These activities are now known to have been running concurrently with the founding of the Horror Unlimited website and Diabolique magazine.

This had been kept from us, although it had the ability to severely affect our reputations as professional writers, editors and creatives, not to mention the reputation of our contributors.


We are proud of the intelligent, entertaining, high-quality magazine we produced for 11 issues. We are thankful for the efforts of our many skilled contributors, generous with their work, time and support, who as we did, invested themselves in the Diabolique vision with little or no financial remuneration.

While this is the end of our association with Diabolique, we intend to continue our professional relationship and will be refocusing our attentions on a new project.


Robert J.E. Simpson (former editor, Diabolique)
David L Rattigan (former assistant editor, Diabolique)


Robert J.E. Simpson   |   email:   |   skype: robertjesimpson
mobile: +44 (0) 7906103702   |

David L Rattigan   |   email:   |   skype: davlrt
mobile: +44 (0) 7835090752   |


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