A few articles I’m particularly proud of:


Oral Roberts: Salesman for God
Opinion piece written for The Guardian’s Comment is free following the death of the American evangelist and faith healer Oral Roberts in December, 2009. PDF

Fantastic Voyage: Surviving Charismatic Fundamentalism
Memoir written for the 2009 book Leaving Fundamentalism, edited by G Elijah Dann (Wilfrid Laurier University Press). PDF

Out and Cowed?
Feature article written for Third Way magazine, in which I share my own story of reconciling faith and sexuality, and examine the claims of the so-called “ex-gay” movement in the UK. PDF


The Charm of Evil
My journey into horror, written for Horrorunlimited.com and later republished on Bedlamjournal.com. PDF

Dracula’s Daughter: A Queer Monster Classic Turns 75
Looking back on the 1936 Universal horror movie Dracula’s Daughter, and casting a glance particularly towards its gay undertones. View the original online or PDF.


Tibetan Students Protest China Language Policy
300-word news article I wrote in October 2010 for the Toronto-based translation company Technovate, Inc. PDF

On Being a Bit of a Fatty
Sardonic confessional piece, unpublished. PDF

Niagara Wine Country
Travel article published in the Summer 2011 edition of Destinations (Crest Publications, UK). PDF