David L Rattigan

Freelance writer, editor &
creative based in Prescot,
near Liverpool, England

What I do

I write, edit, proofread & provide copywriting services

I build & edit websites, & manage & create social media content

I’m a consultant on all kinds of creative matters related to what I do
I am a communicator, singer, choral conductor & occasional actor

I’m happy to chat about taking on new projects.

Visit the Contact page to find out more about the services I offer and get in touch.

Alternatively, visit Cogent Copy to find out more about the copywriting and copyediting I do with my colleague of more than 15 years, David Rahrer.

Recent Creative Projects

Over the summer I’ve been running the Hammer Gothic Twitter account – indulging one of my biggest passions, Hammer Films, and preparing for a few related projects on the horizon. Give it a follow @HammerGothic.

Pleased to be continuing my professional association with my friend and colleague Robert JE Simpson, of Avalard Publishing. In particular, it was a privilege to have been of some small help in preparing the final manuscript of his new book, The Willing Fool: The Spectacle of The Wicker Man. Buy here (paperback, hardback, ebook).

Prayingwithjesus.co.uk will make the Scriptural Rosary available free online, along with other prayers, litanies and spiritual resources. The project has developed out of friendship with an online, ecumenical prayer group, brought together by Brother Finnian of the Society of St Francis.


Performers—Exhibition by Laura McCann

I am beyond proud and honoured to be one of many subjects in photographer Laura McCann’s new exhibition, Performers.

Project: Scrooge (schools musical)

In 2019 it was my pleasure to work with Stephen Mannings of Liverpool Cathedral to create a new, semi-staged version of Charles Dickens’s A Christmas […]

Oral Roberts: Salesman for God

[Originally published on The Guardian‘s Comment is free in 2009] Oral Roberts, who died on Wednesday, sold lonely women handkerchiefs to weep in and changed American Christianity […]

How Liverpool’s Frontline church ‘struggles’ with homosexuality

[Originally published on The Guardian‘s Comment is free in 2011] If you’re a Pentecostal or charismatic Christian in Merseyside, you’ll know that Frontline Church, in […]

Dracula’s Daughter: A Queer Monster Classic Turns 75

[Originally published on diaboliquemagazine.com in 2011] The clunky execution of Tod Browning’s 1931 film Dracula is the elephant in the room as far as classic horror is […]

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