LGBTQ Writing & Editing

I began writing about LGBTQ when I came out as a gay man in 2005. One of the first pieces I wrote was Out and Cowed, for Third Way magazine (which is sadly no longer).

I only had to say three syllables, and yet the simplest words turned out to be the hardest. Mom. I’m. Gay.

At around the same time I joined Ex-Gay Watch, where I researched and monitored the so-called ex-gay movement and the claims of what tends these days to be called conversion therapy (and sometimes pejoratively, in its religious form, ‘pray away the gay’). My articles and blog posts from the site remain archived here.

I later broke an important LGBTQ story for The Guardian’s Comment is free, with the 2011 article ‘How Liverpool’s Frontline church “struggles” with homosexuality‘ (original here), in which I revealed the disturbing teachings and activities of a Pentecostal church whose gay members were encouraged to believe they could become straight through counselling and prayer. Later that year the bones of the story were picked up by the Liverpool Echo and the Daily Mail, among others.

It’s been my privilege to work with other gay authors as an editor and proofreader. In the memoir LGBTQ: Outing My Christianity (2014), Ann Townsend speaks candidly about her journey towards self-acceptance.

‘My life as a lesbian hasn’t been a big deal,’ Ann wrote. ‘Admitting I was a Christian was embarrassing.’ I was pleased to act as editor throughout the process, helping a gifted storyteller share her story with the world. Buy a copy here.

In The Turkey Baster Diaries: The true story of a female couple’s quest for motherhood (2021), UK-based Elizabeth James tells a poignant and often-amusing tale of how she and her wife overcame years of obstacles to become parents. I proofread, helped format the various editions and provided some editorial suggestions. You can buy The Turkey Baster Diaries here.

I am always open to considering new LGBTQ writing, editing and proofreading projects. Just get in touch.

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