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jamie_ste_beautiful_thingI interviewed writer Jonathan Harvey (Gimme Gimme Gimme, Coronation Street) about the 20th anniversary production of his play Beautiful Thing. I saw the dress rehearsal for the London run at the Arts Theatre, Leicester Square, and I’m deliriously excited to see it again this evening at the Liverpool Playhouse.

I’m perched on the toilet, paperback in hand. I don’t have an audience – as far as I’m aware – but if I did, they would see the widest smile ever break across my face. I’ve just reached the end of Jonathan Harvey’s 1993 play Beautiful Thing, the Liverpool-born writer’s sweet tale of teenage love in inner-city London.

Channel 4 filmed it in 1996, with a screenplay by Harvey, and a quick Google search reveals that the stage show has hardly been out of production in recent years. Indeed, any time of the year, there’s a Jamie and a Ste discovering each other somewhere on the planet.

In Beautiful Thing, it’s 1993, and sixteen-year-old Jamie Gangel lives with his feisty mother, Sandra, on the Thamesmead council estate. Classmate and next-door neighbour Ste flees his …

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(I’ve also been added to the Little Black Book, the The Double Negative’s directory of contributing freelance writers and creatives.)

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