Performers—Exhibition by Laura McCann

I am beyond proud and honoured to be one of many subjects in photographer Laura McCann’s new exhibition, Performers.

Laura and I went to high school together and reignited our friendship several years later. Over the years she has been not only a wonderful friend, but also a brilliant mentor in dramatic writing, screenwriting being just one of many strings to her bow.

Her exhibition will open at Liverpool Arts Bar on Friday 5 November 2021 and later visit Nantwich (coincidentally the former location of my alma mater, Regents Theological College) and Birmingham.

Laura has photographed me and others who are used to being ‘on show’ completely ‘unfiltered’ and at ease in intimate settings. If there is a message, it’s that ‘we are enough as we are.’ But rather do an injustice by trying to explain the concept in my own words, I encourage you to visit the website,, and read Laura’s own introduction to Performers before browsing some of the images. The project is also featured in a Liverpool Echo article.

Performers dates and venues

Official Performers website

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